Heather Scofield


Your work is so beautiful
Seth stevens - 22 Apr 2017
Love the updated website! My favs: Cherry Blossom, Purple Irises, Shadows and Light, Sun Peeking through Woods
Theresa - 21 Apr 2017
lovely work
Tracey Fibch - 21 Apr 2017
When I look at your paintings, I feel like I am in the scene. They come to life for me with such vivid color and detail. They are truly beautiful!
Stephanie Conlon - 21 May 2012
I am calmed and awed by your paintings and am aware of your spiritual inspiration on canvas
Jodi - 21 Apr 2012
These beautiful paintings, full of form and color and above all movement, gesture beyond the quotidian to the transcendent.
Athenaide - 18 Apr 2012
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